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Oh Hiding Out from Exactly Where You Wanted to Be (2013)
Our Sweet Exactly Where You Wanted to Be (2013)
North from North (2011)
Tired and Twenty Cities from North (2011)
Late July from North (2011)
The Last Last One (To Catch) from Our Dusking Sound (2010)
When It's Morning from Our Dusking Sound (2010)

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Small Houses is a Flint, MI based indie/folk project featuring the songs and poems of Flint, MI native Jeremy Quentin. Artfully crafted finger-style guitar playing, and softly sung melodies describing the people, love, and homes of Quentin’s life.



“Quentin refuses to sleep sometimes, unable to rest on any complacency when it comes to what we find value in. he knows beauty and he knows sadness and it puts them into the same vase.” – Daytrotter

“Jeremy Quentin, the vocalist behind Lansing’s Small Houses, sings with an earnestness that’s hard to deny… Quentin’s music is based on delicate folk melodies and his plucked six-string, with sparse acoustic arrangements that are quietly beautiful.” – A.V. Club

“Small Houses, is an indie folk artist and multi-instrumentalist who charmingly captures his surroundings in verse. Spinning tales full of honesty and gentle, pretty melodies” – The Deli Philly

“North” is frankly superb. Recorded in Ann Arbor, the songs are hair-raisingly beautiful, some of the vocal interplay is incredible, and the musicianship is wonderful.” – Metrotimes

“Small Houses. I find myself having difficulty describing the quality of such a set. Fantastic? Inspiring? Flawless? Launching with a few solo pieces by Jeremy Quentin, his hypnotic style and furious fingerpicking show me what the Michigan music scene is really about. This is the best kind of entertainment.”- Mostly Midwest

“a sound both crisp in conviction and professionalism without belying the honesty placed at the album’s heart: these narratives tug in their own quiet way and so we’re eager to hear rather than begged.” – FRUK UK

“he essence of these songs is their openness and it is this alone that demands attention – a kind of honesty that appears to assume a prearranged contract between artist and listener, a tacit agreement that you will see the album through to its conclusion. It’s an old-fashioned notion, I suppose, and a brave one in today’s climate of lazy gratification.” – FRUK

“Armed with contemplative quietude, the charming naivete of being in one’s early 20s, and a voice that lies somewhere between The Weakerthans’ John K. Samson and the warble of Jolie Holland, Small Houses’ Jeremy Quentin is poised to get some attention beyond the corner of Michigan from which he hails.” – Pittsburgh City Paper

“The upcoming album “North” was just funded via his recent Kickstarter which is
fantastic as I am very much looking forward to the next full length.  If his previous album “Our Dusking Sound” is any indication, we are in for another great listen.” -Slowcoustic

“Quentin and Co. have made a reputable name for themselves as their live shows are described as fantastic and flawless.” – I-Spy Magazine

“Small Houses shows a lot of promise and a great deal of range, calming and stirring the soul at the same time. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one infiltrate the indie film scene,”- Guilt Free Pleasure

“This band ‘Small Houses’ is a new ’Top Discovery’ for 2011.  These songs are the handiwork
of gorgeous—yet simple— arrangements, skillfully played and sung.  If you love beauty and have a need for a respite from the general cacophony of life, check out ‘Small Houses’.” – Heroes of Indie Music


Further Reading:

In 2010 Small Houses released the project’s debut album, “Our Dusking Sound,” a record that highlights the intricate finger-style guitar playing of a folk driven musician with both contemporary and classical roots and the unique nature of concept writing. Joining Quentin with the project was musician and co-producer Chris Bell, Lansing staple and sound engineer, John Krohn, as well as members of bands such as Frontier Ruckus, Jen Sygit, Sam Corbin, Gifts or Creatures, Hawks and Owls, and many more.

In 2011, Small Houses will release it’s Sophomore album, “North,” and it’s preceding E.P. “Just Before The North.” While these albums share similar themes describing the lustrous regions most familiar to Small Houses, Quentin took totally different approaches for recording and producing each record.

The E.P. features the noise/folk instrumentals of producer, Seth Bernard, alongside the traditional folk guitar styles most familiar with Small Houses. This album was recorded on old reel to reel recording machines in a rustic cabin in Northern Michigan with musical accompaniment by both Seth and his partner, May Erlewine.

The full length album took the opposite route of it’s lo-fi cousin. “North,” was taken into a more flashy studio called Backseat Productions in Ann Arbor, in order to capture a more elegant representation of Quentin’s songs. Joining him in the studio were some of the regulars to Small Houses while adding the fresh perspectives of musicians from bands such as The Go Rounds, Frontier Ruckus, Chris Bathgate, and Hezekiah Jones, Red Tail Ring, Samantha Crain, Nervous But Excited, Jim Roll, and more.